Louisville Mandolin Orchestra
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
  Louisville Mandolin Orcestra  

Music highlighted in yellow are actively performed by the LMO.

Praetorius Terpsichore

A collection of renaissance music by Michael Praetorius . Arranged for 4 instruments.

Download Terpsicure Collection (PDF) 

  1. Courante
  2. Courante
  3. Gavotte
  4. Gavotte
  5. Gavotte
  6. Gavotte
  7. Spagnoletta
  8. Bouree
  9. Bouree
  10. Ballet
  11. Voltes

Renaissance Dances

Featured tunes are highlighted in yellow.

Download Renaissance Dances (PDF)

  1. Bransle de Champaigne
  2. Basse-Danse
  3. Tordion
  4. Bouffons
  5. Pavane
  6. Burgundian Dance
  7. Intrada
  8. Pavane and Galliard
  9. Ronde
  10. Bouree
  11. Villancico

Carmel Collection

Arrangements by D. Carmel of 13 tunes for 5 instruments.

Download Carmel Collection (PDF)

Featured numbers:
3 Little Pieces #I, II, III (Mozart)
Romance (Beethoven)
Sonatine (Beethoven)
Neopolitanian Song (Del Ticino)

Italian Dances of the Early Sixteenth Century

A collection of dance music of the middle ages and renaissance. Arranged for 4 instruments.

Download Italian Dances  (PDF)

  1. El marchese
  2. Monta sus
  3. Basela un trato
  4. La bone notte
  5. La rocha elfuso
  6. El fransosin
  7. La cara cosa
  8. El moro
  9. La traditora
  10. El bisson
  11. L'inglese
  12. El stendardo
  13. La lavandara
  14. La comarina

Irish Folk-Suite

Arrangements of a jig, slow aire, hornpipe, slip jig, strathspey, march and reel by Elke Tober-Vogt for mandolin orchestra.

Download Irish Folk-Suite (PDF) - Listen (MP3)

  1. Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife
  2. Macgillicuddy Mountains
  3. Proudlock's Hornpipe
  4. Bill Hart's Jig
  5. The Essence
  6. Brian Boru's March
  7. Sally Garden's

Joe's Ho Ho's for Mando

A collection of popular secular and religious Christmas songs. Arranged for 4 instruments.

Download  Joe's Ho Ho's for Mando  (PDF)

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