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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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The following list is by no means the entire Louisville Mandolin Orchestra library, but represents pieces that we've performed in the past.
Our musical repertoire includes:

  • early American mandolin orchestra repertoire from the turn of the century including rags, polkas and marches
  • folk music from all over the world including Russia, Panama, Italy, Hungary and, of course, America
  • classical repertoire from early Renaissance, through Bach and Beethoven, to the Beatles
  • original compositions and arrangements dedicated specifically to the LMO

If you know of any pieces you feel may be appropriate for the LMO, whether they're your original compositions or otherwise, we'd like to here about them!

LMO Repertoire by Title:

Among the Roses - Stahl, William C.
Angels - Goodin, John
Avignon Suite - Franzosischen Volksweisen
Benvenuto - Kok, John B.
Bethlehem on the Ohio - Goodin, John
By the River - Morse, Theo F.
Cave Hill - Goodin, John
Concerto for Two Mandolins in G Major - Vivaldi, Antonio
Courantes, Gavottes - Pretorius, Michael
Danzas de Panama - Still, William Grant
Entry of the Gladiators - Fucik, Julius
Equity - Goodin, John
Fascinating Rhythm - Gershwin, George
Finale from the Water Music - Handel, Georg
Halley's Comet - Lincoln, H.J.
Heavens on Earth - Goodin, John
Impressioni Orientali - Calace, Raffaele
Iphegenia en Aulide Overture - Gluck
Irische Folke Suite - Flachskampf, Manfred
Joyne Hands - Morley, Thomas
Kentucky - Pritchard, Henry
Konzert Fur Mandoline und Zupforchester - Torelli
Locust Grove - Goodin, John
Louisville Suite - Goodin, John
Native Belle - Stahl, William C.
New Harmony - Goodin, John
Pizzicato Polka - Strauss, Johann
Playful Pizzicato - Britten, Benjamin
Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Tarrega, Francisco
Serenade - Schubert, Franz
Shakertown - Goodin, John
Sonatine - Beethoven, Ludwig van
Stephen Foster Medley - Foster, Stephen
Summer - Vivaldi, Antonio
Tafelmusik - Wolki, Konrad
Temptation Polka - Stahl, William C.
Ten Pieces for Children - Bartok, Bela
Three Little Pieces - Mozart, Wolfgang
Under the Double Eagle - Wagner, J.F.
Up River Road - Goodin, John
Vanity Fair - Stahl, William C.
When I'm 64 - Lennon/McCartney

LMO Repertoire by Composer:

Bartok, Bela - Ten Pieces for Children
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Sonatine
Britten, Benjamin - Playful Pizzicato
Calace, Raffaele - Impressioni Orientali
Foster, Stephen - Stephen Foster Medley
Franzosischen Volksweisen - Avignon Suite
Fucik, Julius - Entry of the Gladiators
Gershwin, George - Fascinating Rhythm
Gluck - Iphegenia en Aulide Overture
Goodin, John - Angels , Bethlehem on the Ohio, The Louisville Suite (Up River Road, Cave Hill, Locust Grove), Heavens on Earth (New Harmony, Equity, Shakertown)
Handel, Georg - Finale from the Water Music
Kok, John B. - Benvenuto
Lennon/McCartney - When I'm 64
Lincoln, H.J. - Halley's Comet
Morley, Thomas - Joyne Hands, The Batchelor's Delight -
Morse, Theo F. - By the River
Mozart, Wolfgang - Three Little Pieces
Praetorius, Michael - Courants, Gavottes, Bouree, Spagnoletta, Volta
Pritchard, Henry, Kentucky
Stahl, William C. - Among the Roses, Native Belle, Temptation Polka, Vanity Fair
Still, William Grant - Danzas de Panama
Strauss, Johann - Pizzicato Polka
Tarrega, Francisco - Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Torelli - Konzert Fur Mandoline und Zupforchester
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for Two Mandolins in G Major
Wagner, J.F. - Under the Double Eagle
Wolki, Konrad - Tafelmusik

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